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Client Advice 

Resolution of conflict, mediation of space.  Town and country planning is the art of making things happen in a way that maximises the benefits for all.

This is what we believe and how our consultants and specialists will approach your project. By providing accurate, expert town planning advice, at the right time, we put in place for you the right planning permissions and consents and produce or best inform local and neighbourhood plans.  To produce what we all want – great buildings and places to live, work, rest and play – high quality sustainable development.

So if you are looking for expert, independent, town planning advice to help you improve your business, neighbourhood, town, or home, we are ready to make things happen for you. The planning process is becoming increasingly onerous due to the fundamental changes that have been made to the planning system and in expectations of what development can deliver and how local communities can influence their localities. Lufton & Associates can help guide you through the planning system. As a consultancy with very experienced people our service is cost effective, pragmatic and insightful.  We have a real passion for planning and helping developers and communities achieve better outcomes which drives the forward thinking and services we provide.

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Planning Advice
Pre-Application Advice
Planning Applications
Planning and Valuation Appraisals
Project Management of Larger Schemes
Development Plan Representations
Planning Objections
Public Consultation and Engagement 

Representing Councils, Community, 

Lufton & Associates have substantial experience in all Town Planning and related matters and can provide expert advice from initial planning and project appraisal to all planning matters including the preparation and submission of applications; liaising with the LPA, the Highway Authority and statutory consultees; preparing evidence and statements, co-ordinating and appearing as expert witness for Appeals, Public Inquiries and Development Plan Examinations.

We also can work imaginatively and innovatively to produce design briefs, master plans, design statements and a full range of supporting documents for planning applications.

In relation to property and land interests we can provide a full service of representation and advice on the Development Plan process and appear for clients at Examinations in Public and Development Plan Inquiries.  The Practice also has extensive expertise in the production of design briefs, master plans, design statements and in respect of all design and layout details.
We have experience of planning everything from individual houses, industrial estates, new settlements, retail schemes, town centre redevelopment and even major road schemes. 

We can provide project management to see through every aspect of a project and can provide design and architectural services, ecological advice and survey, hydrological engineers, transport and highways expertise in fact we can provide whatever is needed even for the most complex and constrained scheme. 

Lufton & Associates have extensive experience of the development plan process the preparation of Local Development Frameworks and how the planning process works from top to bottom; whether to secure a site allocation or to put forward a persuasive case to influence the policy framework against which proposals will be determined.

At certain cycles in the development plan process and in certain situations, planning policy constraints may mean that it is not possible to be successful in securing a planning permission. It may be more effective to secure the allocation of land for development or to successfully negotiate a change in the planning policy framework to realise a development opportunity.

There is much to be aware of including national and regional planning policy initiatives as well as the strategic planning of major infrastructure providers and other public bodies.

Local Authorities produce an array of documents for consultation that can influence the potential of development of land including Local Plans, SHLAA's, Land Allocations Documents, SPG,  Conservation Area Appraisals and Area Action Plans. We could go on...

Development plans prepared by local planning authorities on an intermittent basis are highly influenced or reactionary to change in the national political arena. Lufton & Associates is able to provide straight forward advice as to the best strategy for influencing the planning process within the timetable for preparing Local Development Frameworks.

To keep abreast of everything that is happening in terms of development plan consultations and progress the practice focusses on the needs of clients with an interest in the Boroughs of Stafford and East Staffordshire and the districts of Lichfield and South Staffordshire.


Rural planning and development is a complex and often controversial area - Lufton & Associates can bring together expert professionals to advise on rural planning, development and farm diversification into leisure, tourism and other commercial business sectors.  

If you're thinking of diversifying the use of some or all of your land, farm or estate, we can help.  We offer advice on all aspects of development planning in rural areas and bring together services such as valuation, site assessment and asset appraisal.  

Our specialists can advise on a wide range of agricultural, horticultural, equestrian and tourism related rural development. 

We are also able to offer advice on planning law and policy specific to dwellings in the countryside.
Public Inquiry Advocacy and Expert Witness

Lufton & Associates can provide advocacy at Public Inquiry for Rule 6 parties and give evidence on planning matters as expert witness. We act for Local Plan Authorities in cases where a independent planning witness is required. 

We can assist with all aspects of Inquiries and advise on legal services when needed.  

Our services are effective and a low cost alternative to a planning barrister.  As planning practioners we feel we can bring something to the Inquiry process as well as the machinations of planning law and procedure.


Lufton & Associates works with all forms of community organisations, resident and action groups to formalise concerns into robust views and professional planning based objections. We can represent you in negotiation in best mitigating development or major infrastructure projects with developers, infrastructure providers, utilities, planning authorities and other bodies.

As your advocate, we can turn your thoughts into clear representations and provide a voice for you in the planning process.
We can provide a number of professional services in this respect, such as;
  • submission of professional objections or supporting statements to planning authorities and relevant bodies on your behalf.

  • representing you in negotiation with developers, infrastructure providers, utilities, planning authorities and other bodies.

  • representing you in negotiation in best mitigating development or major infrastructure projects with developers, infrastructure providers, utilities, planning authorities and other bodies.

  • assisting and advising on the formulation of community, resident and action groups and how to achieve community consensus to secure the best outcome from major development or infrastructure.

  • setting up and running community engagement events.

  • professional representation of community and action groups at public inquiries, public meetings, development plan and Core Strategy Examinations and Inquiries.

  • provide expert specialist witnesses for inquiries and meetings with developers, infrastructure providers, utilities, planning authorities and other bodies.


Lufton & Associates can assist and advise community, resident and action groups on the most effective ways to get their voices heard in the planning and development decision-making process. We can advise on how best put an action group together, how to achieve a consensual view and how best and at what stages to act in the planning process. We can also advise on formulating a constitution and manage a budget and identify potential costs of professional representation in the planning process.
Neighbourhood Plans
Lufton & Associates have considerable experience in working with community, resident, action groups and Parish Councils and are ideally qualified to forward Neighbourhood Plans.  We can assist at a range of scales from leading the project and reporting agreed Plans to committee, to providing technical planning support or professional representation at Examination. 


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